Office - 01242 521842 | Mobile - 07947 736701 Remember that all trends are cyclical. With the ’70s vibe that’s been all over the stores lately, it’s not hard to see why geometric patterns are back in a big way. When used correctly, they easily achieve the delicate balance of creating visual interest without becoming too overwhelming. This is because, on the one hand, geometric patterns are often bold enough to draw the eye without much effort. On the other, the rigid structure of a geometric design helps to simultaneously put our minds at ease. To use this trend successfully, keep in mind that size is key. Make sure to pick a pattern that is comparable in scale to the room you’ll be decorating. You should also allow the room to guide your colour choice. Neutral colours like black or grey can add a subtle and sophisticated feel to bedrooms and living spaces. Meanwhile, bolder hues are perfect for livening up playrooms.

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