Interior vs Exterior Decorating

Have you recently looked at your home and felt like something was missing? If so, you might be considering a quick redesign and updating the decorating to achieve that dream home which you’ve imagined.

If you do opt to redecorate, then you should be considering hiring a professional to help you. But with an overwhelming amount of local spray paint and traditional decorators it can be difficult to choose. For anyone looking we advise you look at their reviews, previous customers and pictures of their completed projects. For any image they calm to be of a recent project, spend a little bit of time running it through Googles reverse image search to make sure they can do what they say.

However, one question we often get asked is if there’s a difference between interior and exterior decorators. Most decorating companies will offer both services, but in our experience if those businesses don’t spray paint they will be limited in what exterior work then can complete.

So, what are the different types of decorating methods.


Interior Decorator?

All decorating companies will offer interior decorating services whether they spray paint or not, but before hiring someone you should consider the size of your home and the time it might take to brush or roller paint the entire property.

  • Brush painting can help create amazing finishes giving a traditional woodwork feel to your home. It’s ideal for those small difficult or aesthetically pleasing areas such as door frames, exposed beams and furniture.
  • Roller painting is great for large walls that need paint layered on. As per brush painting it can take time to complete large walls and most large rooms will need to be kept out of action for several days, as each wall will need to be painting and dried individually. As per brush painting, roller brush gives a unique look that most home owners will want.
  • Spray painting is a specialist service offered by individuals or businesses trained on spray systems. We’ve seen a big push in DIY spray kits being sold from many well known high street stores, but without training DIY spray painting is doomed for disaster. Spray painting allows decorators to complete large rooms quickly, with a finer finish and less waste, allowing homeowners to have more access to their home during decorating.


Exterior Designer?

Although most companies will offer exterior decorating services you need to be careful who you choose. Without the right tools additional costs for addons like highrise platforms, scaffolding, tubs upon tubs of paint, and working around the unpredictable weather could be passed on to the property owner which will make what seems a simple job become really expensive.

We recommend always going with a company that can spray paint. They too might need to use highrise platforms and scaffolding, but as spray painting takes less time it’s likely that they won’t need them for as long. Spray painting also produces a lot less waste saving on the cost of paint.



At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself one question to make the best decision: Which part of your home do you want to redecorate? If you answered with just inside your home, then you have more options open to you. Your main questions should then be around speed and finish.

But if you answered with the outside of your home, then you should only be looking for a spray painting specialist. Who can finish your home quickly, efficiently, and cheaper then employing someone that can’t spray paint?


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