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How to take photos for the quoting process​

Hold your camera correctly

When taking photos of the area you wish us to quote on, hold your camera landscape when taking pictures of a large area, such as the whole kitchen from a wide-angle or an image of the complete kitchen worktops, cabinet.

Hold your camera in portrait mode when taking a picture of tall objects such as a single cabinet or door.

Work your way around the room

After taking a wide photo of the entire room you wish us to quote for, take pictures of any key areas that might need additional or extra work. Work your way around the room from left to right making sure that the picture you take is clear so we can tell its location when comparing it to the wide image.

Don’t take too many

Try to upload around 5 to 7 SD/HD images. If possible, avoid 4K images due to their file size. Any images that won’t upload to the above questionnaire, please send to: