Spray painting kitchen cabinets

Case Study: The benefits of Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Spray painting kitchen cabinets

There are many ways to renew a kitchen. Replacing the cabinets, changing the countertops, and fitting new appliances to free space can all serve as worthwhile examples. Yet before you think about the added expense of changing the fixtures and replacing your kitchen which probably is doing its job, it’s worth considering whether spray painting kitchen cabinets could provide everything you’re looking for and more.

Why consider

With a skilful application of spray paint, dated kitchens can become completely new, conforming to your current vibes and feelings, and saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, compared to replacing a full kitchen.

But what exactly is the benefits of spray painting kitchen cabinets? In this post, we’ll answer that question, as well as provide insight that could apply towards your own situation should you choose to hire JS Decorating for all of your kitchen painting needs.

A Recent Case Study

Recently we were asked to update a 12 year old oak kitchen that looked and felt a little outdated. The aim was to bring it into 2022, making it feel more modern. Our customer considered paying for a full kitchen refurbishment by replacing all the kitchen fixtures, but as this current kitchen cost a lot to install many years back, and has excellent functionality our customer considered and proceeded with our recommendation for spray painting kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the cost.

Approaching the project

When approaching the project, we firstly liaised with our customer to help them find the right colour. Their current kitchen had dark coloured worktops and light coloured floor tiles which made choosing a colour difficult. Over several weeks we dropped off several different sample boards so our customer could spend time with our recommended choices helping them choose the one that was right for them. Unfortunately, most competitors either skip this process or push customers to make a quick decision, but remember that this is going to be the colour that you live with for many years, so we always advise our customers to take the time they need to get it right.

In addition to that, we always discuss with the customer their complete idea on their kitchen redesign, and our process going forwards. For this job we needed to advise the customer that the kitchen would be out of use for most of the week. We normally aim to work with the customer allowing them to use parts of the kitchen when possible, but on this occasion, we needed access to the full kitchen for the majority of the week.

Consider the space

It’s worth noting that space can be an issue. When working in a small kitchen finding space to store removed draw and cupboard fronts while spraying and drying can be difficult, often for inexperienced decorators small kitchens can add unnecessary time each job, but with experience you learn how to utilise the space, and fortunately on this occasion we were lucky with space allowing us to move furniture around with ease.

Considering this was our first time spray painting a kitchen since our training course with PaintTech Training Academy, both us and our customer were over the moon with the results. The time and attention we gave the kitchen while spraying, the time taken by the customer to choose the colour all contributed to creating perfect results. The kitchen now has that new modern feel that perfectly blends into the tiles and worktops.

Why Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

 It’s worth noting that spray painting is a highly accurate means of painting and coating walls and furnishings with rich and diverse colours. But just as you can coat large elements of a space, spray paints can also provide precise painting utilities, for drawers, cabinets, and more.

With spray painting, you can make sure that either the grand colour palettes or the smaller trimmings of your kitchen space are accounted for.

Spray paint spraying is free from brush, paint flicks, and stains on power socket frames. As sprayers provide a direct coat, it can also prevent wastage that may occur when working with more traditional paints.

Thanks to the convenience of the spray painting, you’re also able to secure a superior finish at a fraction of the cost of traditional painters. That in itself can help you save money and turn around your kitchen quicker.

Why JS Decorating?

 JS Decorating is a full-service decorating and painting firm covering Cheltenham and surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience and a plethora of satisfied clients to our name, we pride ourselves on helping you unlock the underlying beauty of your home.

We love helping customers realise their dreams by raising the artistic and practical utility of their home. Why not give us a call today?